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Fort Collins Series of poker season 4

By Bryon On September 6, 2010 Under Uncategorized

Season Four kicks off

  September 11th, 2010!


!New Location!

Clubhouse 1415 W. Elizabeth




Selected Dates:


Sept 11th, 2010 (Saturday Event)
Nov 13th, 2010
(Saturday Event)
January 30th, 2011

March 27th, 2011
May 1st, 2011
May 22, 2011

All events will be at the C.B.& Potts Clubhouse. Cards will fly @ noon each event.



Sept 11th “Challenge Event” ($1500 WSOP Seat Grand Prize)

We will be “Challenging” each VIP player invited to bring a friend to also become a VIP .
We will also be challenging players to use our pledge forms and showing them how easy it is to hang the form up at work and encourage family and friends to donate $10-$20 each. The player then brings that money to our FREE poker event as a donation to the RFC Triumph Awards.
Players will also be encouraged to “Challenge” their friends to see who can outlast one another.

Nov 13th “Caribbean Adventure Tournament”
(Cruise Package Grand Prize)

This event will feature a Caribbean Vacation as its prize instead of a WSOP seat as usual in our qualifying events. We will decorate appropriately and encourage lots of Hawaiian Shirts and other stuff to add a bit of fun.



January 30th “Sports Themed Event” ($1500 WSOP Seat Grand Prize)

Our January event is the weekend between the Playoffs and Super Bowl each year. Players are encouraged to wear their favorite sports jersey and we hold a silent auction of signed jerseys donated by one of our players who has an Online Sports Apparel store.

March 27th “Celebrity Knockout Tournament”($1500 WSOP Seat Grand Prize)


We will invite at least 10 “Celebrities” to play in our event. Whoever knocks that celebrity out will get a trophy and an autographed picture or t-shirt. Last season we were blessed to have two time WSOP Bracelet Winner Mark Seif fly out to promote our event. This year he will hopefully return, as well as other well known poker celebrities and local celebrities.




May 1st “Last Chance Qualifier”
($1500 WSOP Seat Grand Prize)

This event is always a big draw as players try one last time to make the Final Table which will automatically get them entered into “The Finals”. This event is also the last chance our players will have to earn points for the Season Four Triumph Cup.


May 22nd “The Finals”


At the finals we will award a $1500 Seat in the 2011 World Series of Poker and other sponsor prizes. We will also award the Season Four Triumph Cup and, this year’s winner will be crowned “The best player in town” and will be guaranteed a write up in a local publication (Coloradoan, Style etc).




The Triumph Cup”

This is our big award this year. This is a trophy awarded to the winner (based on a points system). This is a large cup that we will engrave with the winners name and all throughout the year will be filling this cup with gift certificates from sponsors. Each gift certificate will be worth at least $25 and it will have quite a value by the final event. The cup will be at all of our events so the players can see it and watch it fill up.


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